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“The best investment is in people. The best investment is to create opportunities”
 Pope Francis



Pope Benedict XVI, in the Encyclical Letter "Caritas in Veritate" (2009),

underlined six main values that are inspiring the work of ELBA:

1. The man and not money should be at the center of the economic action

2. The poor, the socially excluded, are to be considered a resource, even from the economical point of view, and not a "burden"

3. The ties of friendship, sociability and solidarity are possible even within the economic  activity, and not only "outside" of it or "after" it 

4. There is enough space for the economic activities ruled by different principles, which are not only profit and money accumulation 

5. The enterprise is an organization that responds not only to those who invest in it, but also it tends to achieve a social aim: it entails responsibilities toward its own workers, suppliers, consumers, environment and surrounding society.

6. There are the profit and nonprofit sectors, but it is also emerging a wide intermediate area between them. That is the one using the profit as an instrument for pursuing social objectives.




The vision of the network of the 8 National Caritases involved in ELBA is to build a new Europe based on solidarity.
In order to realize it, the development of a new model of Economy is needed: an Economy that is taking care of the most vulnerable people and gives them opportunity for inclusion.
The Social Enterprises, that are the organizations transforming this vision in practice, are defined as follows by the ELBA project: 
Economic organizations promoting social, pedagogical and solidarity goals,
and producing a significant impact on local communities.
They are created to take care of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups,
by employing them or providing them with social-educational services.
They actively involve its members in the governance and in the decision-making processes, through democratic participation and permanent consultation.
They reinvest all the profits produced by the business activities within the Social
Enterprise itself and/or in social-oriented actions within the community.

The vision of the project ELBA

(Tiziana Ciampolini) 

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